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Gilliland’s “ranch” is portrayed as having extraterrestrial UFOs, Sasquatch, and... Batsquatch.

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Sergey Poberezhny
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James Gilliland

Dave Schrader
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PRS Director
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PRS Tech Specialist
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Client / Ranch Owner

Host of Darkness Radio, KTLK-FM / Witness
Science Teacher / Witness
Postal Worker / Witness
Medical Assistant / Witness
Tech Specialist
UFO Investigator (via telephone call)
Psychic / Medium

Screenshot from Paranormal State “First Contact”
Caption is as it appeared in the episode.

The sign for James Gilliland’s, Self Mastery Earth Institute.

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Each screenshot shown below is from Paranormal State “First Contact”

The Paranormal Research Society (PRS) hold a “Case Briefing” at Gilliland’s Ranch in Trout Lake, Washington. Dave Schrader is a paranormal radio host, and brought this “case” to Ryan’s attention.

There are supposedly creatures in the woods such as Sasquatch, a human-sized (or 9’ tall- depending on the source) purple-fur (or blue-fur, depending on the source) creature termed Batsquatch, and extraterrestrial UFOs.

In an opening statement, Ryan says: “This isn’t just like a haunted house down the street that affects a family. This is of interest to everybody on Earth.” That sounds really serious. But if this was such an important episode, how come only 1/2 hour was devoted to it; to cover a three-day investigation- which failed to prove the existence of Sasquatch, Batsquatch, or extraterrestrial UFOs?

James Gilliland, who runs the Self Mastery Earth Institute, gives Ryan a Ranch Tour, and says there are Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s) at his Ranch. He states that “The ships are engaging us here. They know we’re here. So when they come in, they power-up, and they let us see them.” Those purported power-ups of alleged extraterrestrial UFOs seem to have the same characteristics of Iridium (satellite) flares, caused by sunlight gleaming off a Main Mission Antenna. Only that is never mentioned.

Ryan talks with Dave Schrader, who is a host on a paranormal radio show. Dave told Ryan about the Ranch, and that “...going on two years later, I still haven’t been able to wrap my head around what I saw.” I believe Dave was referring to UFOs, but since he also tells Ryan about a human-sized, winged creature flying between some trees, of which Eilfie later shows a drawing of Batsquatch, I can’t help but wonder- what’s Dave doing without a camera or camcorder wrapped around his neck if he’s walking about (what James Gilliland calls) “paranormal central?” And, why after two years couldn’t Dave look up Iridium flares on the Internet, to see how they look exactly like those Gilliland-touted, alien UFO power-ups?

Gilliland mentioned he’s “...had triple-PhD Boeing engineers, skunk works people” there. Boeing’s skunk works program is called Phantom Works. Lockheed Martin’s skunk works program is called Skunk Works®, which is a registered trademark of the company.

In addition to having paranormal talk show host Dave Schrader listed as a “Witness,” three women were interviewed. Two of the three women, Stacy, “Postal Worker/Witness” and Susan, “Medical Assistant/Witness,” gave descriptions presented in a way which could give you the impression that what they saw were extraterrestrial (alien) UFOs, but if you listen closely to some of what they said, “bigger and brighter,” and “It went from like the size of a grain of rice, to, like, the size of a dime...” those statements are in line with that of an Iridium satellite flare. But remember, Iridium flares were never mentioned as a possible explanation of what was portrayed as alien UFO power-ups in the “First Contact” episode.

Eilfie and Heather are walking in the woods looking for something Ryan saw with his own eyes. Chad is with Ryan, in a different location, and heard “branches, like, cracked or pushed or something,” which to me, would be normal considering they are in a remote location in the woods at night with animals walking around. Ryan tries to contact the girls on his walkie-talkie, only to find it apparently stopped working. Chad declares “They just lost power to everything.” I’m not sure how he’d know this, because I wasn’t aware that “everything” sends a signal that it’s lost power. And besides, the light(s) used by Eilfie and Heather seemed to be working just fine while they were being recorded for this segment. Yes, and the cameras worked, so how could “everything” have lost power? The girls hear a noise, Heather tells Eilfie to get her knife out, and says, “I’m scared.” Turns out Heather was scared by the sound of moving water.

Chad Calek, Tech Specialist, reviewed some of James’ evidence. Chad mentioned one of the photos was easily explainable in rational terms. We see what’s purported to be a UFO above a mountain, but Chad describes it as a situation where hot air meets cold air blowing up the top of a mountain, and you get “a cloud type thing.” Good answer. But then he goes on to talk about another photo where Chad couldn’t tell where the light source was coming from. He said he put it in Photoshop and declared “It’s not been Photoshopped.” I don’t recall opening a photo in Photoshop and having a dialog box open saying, “This image has been Photoshopped.” And just because Chad couldn’t tell where a light source was coming from, doesn’t make a purported UFO, an extraterrestrial UFO. Besides, there are other image editing programs out there. Also, remember this is the same Chad Calek, Tech Specialist, who either couldn’t or wouldn’t, give a simple explanation of how an infrared thermal image of an existing handprint could appear to last longer than the thermal image of a handprint made more recently. There was a simple explanation that a Tech Specialist should have known, but we were left with the illusion of a paranormal causation. Read how Chad Calek failed to provide a simple, rational explanation about an infrared thermal image as it relates to the Paranormal State’s, “The Glove.”

Chip arrives to say there’s a lot of energy on the property and that they should look east that night for UFOs. They look up in the sky, in the wilderness in Trout Lake, Washington, where there isn’t nearly the amount of light pollution that you would see in State College, Pennsylvania. So on a clear nigh in Washington, you could see a lot more than in State College. Here are some quotes as the group looks for UFOs in the night sky as some of them beat on drums (James said, “What’s really nice about here when you use the drums or your bring out the music, it kind of unifies people, and that’s the kind of energy that actually brings in the ships.”) to call the UFOs: “Holy [bleep],” Whoa!,” “Oh, yeah, dude, right there, big time,” “My God, what is that, man?,” “It just blinked! It just blinked!” “Chad, it just did the same [bleep] thing again.” James flashes a laser pointer to make it look like he caused an alien UFO to “power-up” and once again, we are never told that the “power-up” resembles a predictable Iridium satellite flare, and flares will happen whether or not Gilliland shines a light.

First published: 03 August 2009
Written by: Ernie Marsh

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