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VEGAS: Ryan knew about “papErs”

Screenshot from Paranormal State “Vegas.”
Closed Captions are as they appeared.

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“News Articles Written on Emily’s Murder-Page 6”

Ryan mentions “papers” as a source where Savannah could have found information about Emily. But how could he have known about “papers” unless he saw the website?

During the “TEAM REGROUP 9:22 AM” on what is shown as occurring on the second day of the investigation, Ryan said “But I don’t know that she’s given us anything that wasn’t reported in the papers.” It’s peculiar Ryan should say that, because there was no previous mention showing information about Emily in any “papers” as in newspapers. So I believe it is very likely that Ryan saw the website and the “papers” on it, but did not disclose this information because that could mean Savannah could have seen the Website, and gleaned information about Emily from there. If Ryan or someone else revealed this fact, it most likely would have detracted from Savannah’s purported “psychic” abilities. For example: “Savannah, how do you know about Emily?” Savannah: “I read about her on a Website.” That’s a lot less “paranormal” than “Her spirit talked to me.”

In my opinion, this is a blunder for Ryan to say the comment. Again, this is only my opinion, but I believe Ryan and other members of the Paranormal Research Society, and possibly others involved with producing this episode, saw the newspaper articles shown below, on the website.

Also, Katrina went to Texas to meet with the “family” (which was most likely only one person- Emily’s mother, Sheila Ramirez), but there were no scenes showing anyone finding newspaper articles containing information regarding Emily’s case. So I ask, how could Ryan have known about the “papers” at this point unless he saw them on the Website?

I cite the following source for the four articles which appear below:
“News Articles Written On Emily’s Murder-Page 6”

Statements in the articles include that Emily was pregnant, was strangled, and had “a dark bruise” on her neck. Therefore, one only has to visit the website to get the information, and not be visited by a spirit.

Savannah also mentioned that Emily appeared “Mexican.” Although not mentioned in the newspaper articles above, Emily’s ethnicity can be found on:
“Emily’s Autopsy-Part #1-Page 69”

Emily’s aunt, Theresa Yeary-Dontrich, who wrote the following on that page:
“Well Emily was definitely Mexican (at least half) and she looked it...”

My personal opinion is that Ryan made a revealing mistake by saying the comment about the “papers” because he didn’t disclose that he (or others) saw the “papers” on the Website. Again, although this is only my personal opinion, I feel this is an example of withholding information in order to strengthen the illusion of paranormal phenomena.

Also, Savannah and her mom Stephanie, both saw the Website BEFORE the Paranormal Research Society (PRS) showed up- only you never see that mentioned in the “Vegas” episode. Read Stephanie’s e-mail.

First published: 22 Oct 2008

Written by: Ernie Marsh