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Stephanie, Savannah’s mom, sent an e-mail to Theresa Yeary-Dontrich (Emily’s aunt) saying they saw the website. The e-mail was sent before the the “Vegas” episode was started, and was never revealed in the episode. So did Stephanie and/or Savannah withhold this information from the Paranormal Research Society (PRS), or anyone involved with the making of this episode? Or, did Savannah or her mom disclose the e-mail, only to have one or more people involved with Paranormal State decide not to include the e-mail in this episode?

Seeing the website about Emily could have given Savannah information necessary on which to base her claims.

According to the e-mail, Savannah knew about the Website which contains an abundance of information about Emily Garcia. The fact that Stephanie and Savannah saw the Website before the PRS showed up, and that the e-mail was sent, were withheld from the episode. In my opinion, that information was withheld because it would have shown that Savannah’s claims could have easily been based on common knowledge from the Website, which would have most likely cast doubt that Savannah was being visited by Emily’s spirit.

According to the e-mail that Stephanie sent to Theresa, both she and her daughter Savannah saw the website before the “Vegas” episode was filmed. That is how Stephanie acquired Theresa’s e-mail address. On the webpage with Stephanie’s e-mail saying they saw the website, Theresa goes on to say that “The main website that I made for Emily has so much information on it that someone would have a hard time giving information that wasn’t already on the site.” The cessation of e-mail correspondence from Stephanie is suspicious. One must consider the possibility that someone told Stephanie not to contact Theresa or Sheila anymore.

Some of the claims in the e-mail are accurate and verifiable according to the website, but some of the claims are not accurate or non-existent, according to the website as well. Click here (I have to make this page, so please check back on October 10th 2012) to take a look at Savannah’s claims about Emily.

Before this episode was filmed, Stephanie sent an e-mail to Theresa (Emily’s aunty) stating she and Savannah saw the Website about Emily. This was never mentioned in the episode.

Screenshot from Paranormal State “Vegas”
My daughter has had a problem for a few years now that we have privately tried to handle as a family. She sees things, people that others don't see. If you knew her you would understand that it is not in her nature to tell "stories". I support her in this problem she has and try to help her make it go away. She has been in constant fear of these people that she sees but there is one girl that she sees that she is not terrified of. I told her that maybe she should try talking to her and so she did.

She asked the girls name and age. Her name is Emily and she is 15 years old. Once she told me that she got information from this girl i told her to keep probing. I thought I could help my daughter more if I had the information to work with.
Last night Emily answered more questions and told my daughter a little about herself. You see, about a year and a half ago my daughter was raped and she doesn't talk about it much because it is hard for people to relate to her. She shared this with Emily who said she was also raped and she knows how awful it feels. She also said she is from Texas and she really loves her Mom and Dad. She said her last name is Garcia. She said she doesn't like her Uncle. My daughter told her that she feels like a screw up sometimes. Emily said she went to Juvee. She said that she has messed up too. She has given no more information than this.
I asked what she looks like and my daughter said she is wearing a white shirt and pants. She has long brown hair with bangs. She said the bangs are kind if separated in the middle. She also has terrible bruising on her throat.
I decided to put Emily Garcia/ Texas in Google and your site popped up. We were absolutely stunned. I know that this sounds crazy. I think it is crazy. I also think that if it were my daughter I would want to know who did such a terrible thing and that she was ok.
I decided that I should let you know. I am sorry if my doing this causes you any pain. I want to help if I can. I told my daughter to get a notepad next time and flood her with questions. I don't know if this will work. She says Emily is a yes or no question kind of girl who has no problem letting her know she is getting on her nerves.
If you would like to e mail me back thats fine. I am not a quack or crazy person looking to exploit you. I will do what I can. I also have to protect my daughter as well.
My heart goes out to you and your family.
I will let you know if any more information about this girl Emily comes out.
God Bless,

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“Savannah Meets Emily-Page 50”

First published: 22 Oct 2008

Written by: Ernie Marsh

The following e-mail appears on the webpage The date Stephanie sent the e-mail is shown on that webpage as January 22, 2007- before the episode was filmed. Here, I’ve added a line space to to separate the paragraphs, which is different from how the e-mail appears on Sheila and Theresa’s Website. Before anyone gets angry and sends me hate-mail, keep in mind that the e-mail is shown in accordance with U.S. Copyright Law.

Identifying information at the top of the e-mail, such as From, Subject, Date, and To, are not provided on that Webpage, nor shown here.

“Email From Stephanie(Savannah’s Mother) To Me-January 22, 2007”