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Katrina goes to meet with Emily’s “family.” The door opening was most likely shot for, but not shown in “School House Haunting.” It’s Shannon Sylvia’s condo door, and it is most likely Shannon opening it.


After talking with Ryan via cell phone, Katrina goes to knock on the “family” door to meet and confirm information about Emily. We see Katrina knock on the right side of what’s supposed to be the “family” door. Then we see the left side of a door, open, to reveal what we would be led to believe is a female “family” member of Emily’s. But, the person at the door is most likely Shannon Sylvia, opening her condo door in Leominster, Massachusetts.

First published: 22 Oct 2008
Last update: 11 Nov 2008

Written by: Ernie Marsh

The door shown above in the “Vegas” episode is Shannon Sylvia’s condo door in Leominster, Massachusetts. So, someone edited a scene shot for “School House Haunting” and placed it in “Vegas.”

Although it’s not definitive because we can’t see Shannon Sylvia’s face, it is most likely Shannon who is opening the door that’s shown in “Vegas.”

This is an example of creative editing, and in effect, is portraying false information. Because after all, how is it possible for Shannon to be opening her condo door which is in Leominster, Massachusetts, when we are supposed to be seeing “family” of Emily Garcia opening their home door, located in San Antonio, Texas?

The door in both scenes is the front entry door to Shannon Sylvia’s condo in Leominster, Massachusetts. The woodgrain is identical, and so is the door frame.

Also, notice that there is the same item hanging on the door in both the “Vegas” (Screenshot 1) and “School House Haunting” (Screenshot 3) scenes. So, it’s the same door, and same hanging item in both episodes.

The person opening the door in “Vegas” is wearing a pink sweater, which looks like what Shannon Sylvia is wearing in “School House Haunting.”

Also, the real front door of Emily’s “family” in Texas is not woodgrain, it is painted blue.

Screenshot 1
Paranormal State “Vegas”

Note: This screenshot has been lightened and color-corrected from how it appeared in the episode, so that it can be more easily seen.



Screenshot 2
Paranormal State “School House Haunting”

Screenshot 3
Paranormal State “School House Haunting”